Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Preserves History

Smita Shah serves as the CEO of SPAAN Tech, a Chicago, IL, engineering and construction firm offering design engineering, information technology, and energy management solutions. In May 2014, Smita Shah was selected to join the Board of Directors for the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation (ALPLF). The ALPLF supports educational and cultural programing for the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum (ALPLM), located in Springfield, IL.

Comprised of two buildings—a library and a museum—, the ALPLM is the only presidential library and museum supported dually by a nonprofit private organization and a governmental state agency. The library and museum utilize immersive exhibits and displays to educate the public about the life of the United States’ 16th president. In her new position, Shah will assist ALPLF board members in preserving the history of President Abraham Lincoln through fundraising initiatives, conferences, and publication of documentary materials.

The museum offers a two-part “journey” exhibit as one of its keystone displays. The Pre-Presidential Journey immerses guests in the life of Abraham Lincoln before his time as president. Guests begin the journey in front of a full-scale representation of Lincoln’s boyhood cabin home and follow the man into his teenage and adult years. The journey ends with his first presidential campaign in 1860, wherein guests then enter the second part of the journey.

The Presidential Years Journey continues Lincoln’s life story, picking up at the White House where guests enter a re-creation of the Whitehouse “Blue Room” to meet Mary Lincoln. Visitors are lead through the remainder of Lincoln’s life as president and complete the journey at a re-creation of Ford’s Theater, the place Lincoln was assassinated. Additionally, the exhibit’s exit includes information concerning the aftermath of his death and a Treasure Gallery where visitors can view dozens of artifacts from the president’s life.

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