Smita Shah Appointed to Chicago Plan Commission

Smita Shah is the founding president and CEO of SPAAN Tech, Inc., a Chicago, IL engineering and construction management company. In addition to leading her firm’s operations and development, Smita Shah is also heavily involved in the community of Chicago, IL.

Recently, the Chicago City Council and Mayor Rahm Emanuel appointed Ms. Shah to the Chicago Plan Commission. Currently, she serves as the vice chair of the commission, which meets once monthly to review proposals related to the zoning and development of the community.

One of the commission’s tasks is to manage proposals for Planned Developments (PDs), a designation that is required for a number of projects, including power plants and airports, as well as large industrial, commercial, and residential projects. The PD designation serves to ensure that large construction projects with significant community impact are appropriately planned, economically beneficial, and do not pose a threat to natural resources.

The commission also handles proposals related to Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts and Planned Manufacturing Districts (PMDs). Additionally, it is responsible for reviewing proposals regarding the sale and purchase of public land.

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